Services of ENERCON

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Geological research & analysis

Plant service

Power supply

Equipment procurement


Consultations, building, installations
and maintenance oilfield locations
of …Oilfield Location Roads Permit zing
Pit Digging Locations Road Maintenance Plug &

Abandon oilfield site restoration 

Efficient well control
Pressure control
Well head system
Valve control

Consulted, built, installed and maintained  pipe line
Flow control system
Provide various types of pipes
Provide various types of flanges
Provide various types of valves
Provide various types of pump

Offers complete operations and management services for Oil Majors, Offshore Operators, and Ship Owners around the world.
Build customized client specific service packages for vessel management and offshore projects.
Technical and Commercial Tanker Management


 Welcome to Isotopes Arabia....

Isotopes Arabia Ltd. is one of the subsidiary of Energy & Constructions Company (ENERCON) and deals as a Premier Distributor for Radiography, MPI, DPI, UT and other NDT Materials the office of located in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, allowing us to provide high-quality NDT  materials and services.
Our specialty is NDT Inspection Products. We stock a full line of industrial radiography, a wide variety of RT MATERIALS for any Industrial application. Being a sole distributer of “SENTINEL QSA Global, Inc,. We maintain an adequate stock inventory of their equipments and spare parts in-order to meet customers’ requirements in Middle East region.
Among the many selected items we offer numerous products for heavy-duty industrial and institutional applications, including   petrochemicals and other industrial applications. This range starts from high-quality projectors/cameras and UT Machines etc… .

ENTINEL™ Model 880 Delta, Sigma and Elite source projectors are portable, lightweight and compact industrial radiographic exposure devices. The patented device body consists of a titanium ‘S’ tube and cast depleted uranium (DU) shield contained within a 300 series stainless steel tube with stainless steel discs welded at each end forming a cylinder shaped housing. The discs are recessed to provide protection for the rear mounted locking mechanism and front mounted outlet port.
*Multilingual labeling is available upon request


865 Projector
The SENTINELTM Model 865 source projector is a Type B(U) package and consists of a stainless steel housing sealed against tampering or the entrance of dirt or water. It is ideal for underwater radiography. The projector has been proven in sea water at depths up to 2000 ft (609 m).
The source is moved from the stored (shielded) position to the exposed position by a pneumatic actuator, producing a directional beam. The actuator automatically returns the source to the stored position in the event of an air line failure. The source projector incorporates a visual indication of source position on the actuating cylinder.
This projector is ideal for the radiography of steel from 1/2 to 2-1/2 in (13 to 64 mm) as well as light alloys over 2-1/2 in (64 mm) thick. Because of its lightweight design, directional beam and high Iridium-192 capacity, the SENTINELTM Model 865 is particularly suited to the radiography of pipelines and heavy wall cylindrical vessels such as storage tanks, and power station components.
• High capacity
• Tested for underwater use
• Compact
• Self-contained
• Safety lock
• Remote control
• Directional beam

SENTINEL™ offers JME mobile x-ray systems, pipeline crawler systems, and Balteau-NDT x-ray generators.
JME pipeline crawlers are designed to produce high quality panoramic radiographs of circumferential butt welds in new pipelines from 3 in to 72 in (7.62 cm to 1.83 m). These units are designed and proven, both onshore and offshore, to work as a fully self contained, self powered exposure vehicle.
Balteau-NDT has developed a wide range of panoramic conical anode and directional portable x-ray generators. These generators are light, rugged and reliable with a heavy duty cycle. They are designed for difficult on-site applications and fit for use from thin aluminum to thick steel parts.

OpenVisionTM LT-NDT is a light weight portable x-ray system for hand-held inspection. It includes a highly sensitive x-ray imager and battery-operated 70kV x-ray tube designed for portable field operation.


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