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Energy and Construction Company is a part of AYA family of companies since 2008. We are a privately-held, employee-owned heavy construction contractor with industrial, civil, and design-build capabilities.
Since 1978, AYA Contracting is enguaged in construcion jobs with organizations like Saudi ARAMCO, SABIC, Saudi Electric as contractor in the fields of construction of buildings, residential compounds, landscaping, bridges, roads, pipeline, installation and upgradation of petrochemical & power industries. At the same time AYA has excellent working relations as sub-contractor with the local and international contractors enguaged with ongoing mega projects in the GCC countries.
also enjoys a strong reputation for its work on underground utilities, storm drainage systems, streetscapes, roadway electrical, traffic signal and signage, and excavation projects.


Our people are our greatest asset. At Energy & Construction Company we create a challenging, safe and rewarding environment that people want to be a part of. Our tradition, stability, and established reputation as a contractor provide long-term career opportunities for our employees.
Innovation, leadership, personal integrity, a positive attitude, and a passion for the work are essential traits that define individual success in our company.Ten principles that guide our culture:

  •   We respect the value and contribution of every person and recognize that every job is essential to our success.
  •   We are ethical and honest.
  •   We provide a workplace free from harassment of any kind.
  •   We communicate openly and honestly throughout the organization.
  •   We actively listen to each other, and acknowledge and respect each other's values.
  •   We believe that teams, not individuals, are the essential unit of this organization.
  •   We recognize the value and importance of balance between work and family. 
  •  We believe that work should be quality.
  •   We recognize and reward performance.
  • We want to be the best. Not the biggest. The BEST!
  • Energy & Construction Company is fully committed to providing the safest workplace possible.
  •  Success in safety starts at the top. Our management team is committed to supporting our goal of Zero Accidents through clear communication of our high expectations, provision of the resources necessary to achieve results, and follow-up to ensure compliance.
  • Commitment to providing the safest workplace possible is a responsibility shared by each and every employee of the company, with everyone expected to follow our first rule of safety: “Never walk past an unsafe act or condition.” Our safety expectations are communicated to each employee at the new-hire orientation and are reinforced through our Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) program, work plan packages, training sessions, and regular safety meetings.
  • Appreciation for our strong safety program is shared by both our employees and our customers. Employees are confident that we value and protect their well-being, and customers recognize that our safety program protects their employees and facilities as well.
  • We are never satisfied; consequently we continually evaluate and work to improve our processes to ensure success in safety. Energy & Construction Company is truly committed to reaching our ultimate goal of working each and every day without an accident.


It is our mission to be a civil, and industrial engineering constructor committed to providing maximum customer satisfaction. Utilizing our unique capabilities to provide innovative quality solutions, we will be the lowest cost provider of services in all our markets.
Performing large scale and complex projects requires maintaining the highest standards of quality. Our organization is built on these principles:

  • Quality People - motivated, highly-trained experts committed to their work.
  • Quality Process - fully managed from the initial work and safety planning, down to the finished structure.
  • Quality Products - our work stands the test of time.
  • Quality Relationships - with our customers, our partners, and our community.

Through internal and external partnering we provide the maximum value to customers, a challenging, rewarding, safe environment to our employees, and a superior return on investment consistent with maximum sustainable growth for our partners. Our goal is to create value for all.


Back in 1978 AYA has set a mission to pursuit of excellence with  trust of customers and we as Energy & Construction Co, Ltd carry on that tradition of service and quality work.

Our Projects

Project started Sep 2008 - July 2010, (In Progress), Upgrade Underground Piping System, Dhahran, Ras Tanurah, Qathif, Abqaiq, Muberruz Udhailiyah
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Project started in July 2007 - Project completed in August 2008.
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Project started in April 2007 - Project completed in February 2008., Construction of Catering Facility, at Uthmaniyah gas gathering facility.
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Project started in March 2007 - Project completed in January 2008, handed over complete job a month ahead of schedule, Construction and Installation of Fire Safety Station at Hawtah.
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Project started in March 2007 - Project completed in November 2007 , Renovation and refurbishing Building 1114, Abqaiq
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